rendez-vous IRM Bruxelles
rendez-vous IRM Bruxelles
21 Nov 2023 | News

A new MRI machine has been introduced in the radiology department, allowing for faster examinations and improved comfort for patients.

Soins intensifs Clinique Saint-Jean Bruxelles
08 Nov 2023 | News

Visiting hours for patients hospitalized in intensive care have been modified to better meet the needs of our patients.

Prise de sang Bruxelles laboratoire prélèvement
06 Nov 2023 | News

Since this Monday, November 6, the Cebiodi sampling center has been relocated to the main entrance of the clinic on the site Botanique.

Les consultations Terranova Clinique Saint-Jean restent ouvertes
17 Oct 2023 | News

All consultations are taking place as scheduled, and the clinic remains accessible by public transportation this Tuesday.

Octobre rose Pink Ribbon Pink October Clinique Saint-Jean Bruxelles
05 Oct 2023 | Event

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a particularly important time for Clinic Saint-Jean. Once again this year, it's an opportunity to participate in the major awareness campaigns organized worldwide...

Journée porte ouverte maternité Clinique Saint-Jean
02 Oct 2023 | Event

The maternity ward and delivery unit are holding another open day on Saturday 7 October 2023. This is an opportunity to discover the maternity ward of our clinic, and also to visit the...

Ambulance Clinique Saint-Jean
23 Aug 2023 | News

This Thursday 24th August, the section of Boulevard du Jardin Botanique in front of the clinic will be resurfaced. Direct access by car to the main entrance will not be possible.

11 Aug 2023 | News

Bruxelles Mobilité is currently working on a cycle path and renovation of the pedestrian walkway on Boulevard Botanique.

Travaux boulevard du Jardin Botanique août 2023
31 Jul 2023 | News

The Brussels Region continues to modernize public spaces, including the area around the clinic, to make them safer and more welcoming for all local residents and visitors.