Special measures coronavirus

Update 14 January

Following the increase in the number of infections in Brussels, in the interest of the health of our patients and our teams, we have decided to suspend visits to hospitalised patients from 14 January and until further notice. We recognize and understand that this measure is difficult for our patients and their families, but protecting the health of our patients, visitors and teams is of utmost importance. The exceptions hereafter remain. We thank you for your understanding.


  • Maternity: only the partner
  • Pediatric and neonatology units : the two parents
  • Patients in a critical condition or end-of-life: 2 relatives maximum
  • Covid patients end-of-life: 2 relatives maximum
  • Covid kids of babies: only one parent

Delivery and pick-ups services (see further down) are still available for all our patients.

Companions are no more allowed. A few exceptions remain:

  • Prental consultations (only for 1st, 2nd and 3d semester echographies): the partner
  • Pediatric unit: 1 parent
  • Reduced mobility patients: 1 companion

All others companies are not allowed.


Covid-19 Test & Vaccination Center

Covid-19 testing is taking place in our Covid-19 Test Center located Boulevard Pachéco 42 (250m from our site Botanique).

1. Covid testing (testing, tracing, pre-travel)


  • Testing & tracing

Our Test Center is open 7 days a week, from 9.45am until 5.30pm. You can get tested with or withouth appointment.

  1. You have a Belgian national registration number (NISS): https://testcovid.be/
  2. You do not have a Belgian national registration number (NISS): 02/891.60.00 (from 8am until 5pm, from Monday until Friday)

Any patient sent by their doctor with light symptoms is welcome without appointment.

To bring with you:

  • ID
  • Your GP's medical prescription / SMS / QR Code

Any patient showing more severe symptoms of Covid will always be taken care of by the clinic's emergency department (rue des Cendres 104).

  • Pre-travel

Pre-travel tests can only take place by appointment via https://testcovid.be/. The payment for the test is made online.


Covid test or blood sample: contact your GP or view the result online via the Brussels Health Network.

  1. Open the page: brusselshealthnetwork.be
  2. Click on > Patient
  3. Log in or register with your e-ID or Itsme
  4. Once you are on the portal of the Brussels Health Network, click on > My files
  5. Click on > Results of the lab on the day it was taken

If you are positive: contact your GP.

Emergency departments and labs do not have access to your results. Call your GP if you do not have access to this document.

2. Covid vaccination

You can only get vaccinated by appointment.

For the moment, vaccination is only possible for primary care providers (general practitioners, physiotherapists, independent nurses, dentists, etc.). Vaccination can only be done by appointment after receiving the invitation from the government.

To take with you:

  •  ID card
  •  Invitation to get vaccinated

Back from a trip abroad?

For your safety, that of our patients and our collaborators, we ask you to follow the governmental rules.
You can consult them here: https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en


Testing of patients with planned hospitilisations or arriving via the ER

As of 7 August, as security and precautionary measures for our staff and other patients, each patient requiring an hospilisation via the ER or who has a planned hospitalisation will have to get tested for Covid-19 before being admitted.

A patient coming back from a red zone or who has had a high risk contact with a Covid-positive person who has a non-urgent hospitilisation planned within the 14 days will have his/her hospitlisation postponed for at least 14 days.



Visits to deceased patients are allowed under certain conditions:

  • Making an appointment is obligatory
  • Maximum 4 members per family
  • Opening hours: from 9.30 until 13.00 and from 14.00 until 17.00


How to make an appointment?

  • Contact Center: 02/221.92.21
  • Our medical secretariats

If you have Covid-19 symptoms, do not come to the Clinic and cancel your appointment. If necessary, get in contact with your GP.

You are not able to come to the Clinic because of your health condition and you suffer from chronic issues? Teleconsultation can be a possibility for you. Get in contact with your doctor or with his/her medical secretariat.

If your doctor schedules a medical teleconsultation (consultation using videochat), you can read our TEAMS tele-consultation guide or view our tutorial.

In the Clinic, always follow our recommandation. This way we can protect one another.

  • Wash your hands everytime it is necessary, and for sure before and after your consultation.
  • Wear a mask all the time during your visit. You do not have one at your disposal? You will give you one upon arrival.
  • Keep 1,5m distance between you and others, all the time and everywhere (waiting rooms, lifts, hallways, …)
  • Do not come too early and, once your consultation is finished, get directly back home after.
  • Come alone at your appointment, unless you bring a child for a consultation or you have limited mobility and require help. All other companions are not allowed..
  • Always favour Bancontact payments.

If you have Covid-19 symptoms, do not come to the Clinic and cancel your appointment. If necessary, get in contact with your GP.



For all emergencies (Covid and non-Covid), go to our emergency department at Rue du Marais. Covid and non-Covid patients are clearly separated in our buildings and facilities.

Our test center is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 until 17.00, without appointment. It is closed on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.


Protective equipment for patients and visitors

The Clinic has enough material (for example masks) to ensure a safe visit in our facilities. Our staff will provide you with the necessary equipment upon arrival in our Clinic.


You do not feel well and have coronavirus symptoms?

Call your general practitioner and ask for recommendations.

If your doctor asked you to go to our coronavirus emergencies, we would like to remind you a few important points:

  • You will receive a mask to carry while waiting for your turn;
  • The doctor will decide whether you will require a hospitalisation or not;
  • If you did not get tested, we recommend you to go home, to follow the hand hygiene rules and to behave as a patient who is tested positive (and therefore isolate yourself);
  • If your symptoms are getting worse, we expect you to come back to the emergencies.

You don't have a GP and you live in Brussels? You can call 1710 to get a medical advice regarding your health condition in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

10 easy questions to answer to determine whether you need to contact a doctor or not. Use our Online tool to help you.


Measures for visitors

  • No visits allowed (included the morgue).
  • Excepted for:
    • Medical consultations: patients with mobility issues: max 1 companion allowed
    • Medical consultations: underage patients: max 1 supervisor allowed
    • Pediatric and neonatologie units, and maternity: max 1 adult per patient per day
    • Relatives (max 2) of patients in critical conditions or end-of-life
  • How pick-up a patient who was hospitalised and got discharged?
    Maximum 1 companion is allowed to come to the unit and pick-up the patient.

    Delivery and pick-up of packages for hospitalised patients
    What to do when visits are not allowed? How to manage the laundry of a patient if visits are not allowed? Can I come and give a cellphone, a gift or something else? We have put a delivery/pick-up service in place so that you can keep in touch no matter what.

    Site Botanique:  
    Delivery between 10.00 and 18.00 at the main entrance
    Delivery in the services: between 12.00 and 13.00 and between 16.00 and 17.00
    Packages brought in before 15.00 will be delivered on the same day

    Site Méridien:
    Delivery between 10.00 and 18.00 at the main entrance
    Delivery in the services: between 15.00 and 16.00
    Packages brought in before 15.00 will be delivered on the same day

    Site Leopold I:
    Delivery between 14.00 and 16.00 at the reception desk
    There is a separated room for the laundry with one cart to pick-up dirty clothes and another one to drop clean clothes.

    Packages will only be accepted if they are sealed and clearly identified (name of the patient and service).
    The reception team reserves the right to refuse some packages and Clinic Saint-Jean does not take responsibility in case of loss of packages.


Protect yourself - follow the measures carefully !

We advise you to take the following measures as additional protection against the contamination of coronavirus or other infectious diseases like the flue. Those measures are effective to limit the spread of viruses in your surrounding and/or around patients.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with hands which were not washed
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with water and soap
  • Cough and sneezing? Adapt your hygiene
    • Cough/sneeze preferably in a paper tissue and throw it away right after
    • Cough/sneeze in your arm, not in your hands, if you do not have a paper tissue
    • Always wash your hands after you cough or sneeze. Use water and soap if your hands are dirty
    • Keep a security distance of 1m5 with others
    • Wear a mask if you can not keep your distance with others
  • Always use paper tissues that you throw right after use in a dustbin which can be closed
  • Follow hygiene advice for patients who have symptoms of coronavirus and who need to remain isolated at home


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