Billing and payment information

Contact patient

An invoice will be sent to you at your home. Another invoice for all charges billed to you (third-party payer principle) will be sent directly to your insurance company.

The following are included on a single invoice:

  • Hospitalisation costs,
  • Medical and paramedical fees,
  • Pharmaceutical proprietary drugs,
  • Miscellaneous expenses.

For amounts not covered by your health insurance policy, you will receive an invoice for:

  • The amount outstanding for your hospitalisation day (co-payment),
  • Additional pharmaceutical products,
  • The amount outstanding for doctor’ fees.

Contacting the invoicing department

The invoicing department for our 3 locations can be reached Monday to Friday between 09h and 12h and between 14h00 and 16h30 on the following telephone numbers

  • Hospitalisation invoicing: 02/891.09.15                                                  
  • Polyclinic consultations: 02/891.09.16                                           
  • Litigation/Reviews: 02/891.09.17

Invoicing information helpdesk

For answers to all of your invoicing queries. Botanique location, route 002.

Opening hours:

  • Mondays and Tuesdays: 09h to 14h (final receipt issued at 13h45)
  • Thursdays and Fridays: by appointment only between 09h and 12h

Making payments

For security reasons, electronic payment via banking institutions in your area are preferred. If you have no other choice but to pay on the spot at out Info Helpdesk, kindly note that no cash payment/refund exceeding 50 € will be accepted.