You can find additional information on the financial terms and conditions relating to your hospitalisation on the Admissions form and in the explanatory notes given by our colleagues.

No payment will be requested from you on the day of your departure. The Clinic will directly invoice your health insurance fund for the charges it has undertaken to cover (third-party payer principle).

For amounts not covered by your health insurance fund, an invoice for the following will be sent to you following your discharge:

  • The non-refunded portion of your hospital stay (flat fee and co-payment)
  • The charges for single-room occupation
  • The charges  for pharmaceutical products
  • The non-refunded portion of the doctors’ fees

Find the price list in this document.

In the case of patients who are not subscribed to an insurance plan, an estimate of the cost of your stay will be calculated and you will be asked to settle the total amount on arrival.

Billing and payment information

Advance payment

On admission, you will be asked to pay a statutory advance payment - determined based on your choice of room and the length of your stay. This provision will cover the initial costs. It will be revised if your hospital stay extends beyond 7 days.

N.B: Before arriving at the Clinic, carefully check whether your health insurance fund is in good standing. If it is not, the Clinic will charge you a higher advance payment, as well as the full costs of hospitalisation, after your discharge.