Useful information

Use of GSM

The use of GSM devices is strictly prohibited in certain areas of the Clinic (operating theatres, intensive care, etc.). It is allowed in other sections of the Clinic. However, you are asked to use GSM devices sparingly in order to maintain a quiet environment and avoid disturbing persons who may be sharing a room with you.


You are kindly asked to behave in a composed, respectful manner towards the medical and nursing staff. If you have concerns about a specific treatment approach, speak to the unit’s head nurse.

Smoking ban

Smoking is harmful to health. A general ban on smoking is in effect (RD of 31.03.87 and RD of 12.02.2005). You can obtain on request from the main entrance reception desk a brochure entitled “Clinic Saint-Jean, a smoke-free clinic” which covers the full regulations implemented in the hospital.


A hospital is an “open” house. You should therefore pay close attention to your personal effects. The Clinic Saint-Jean cannot be held responsible for any accidents relating to an offence or a theft. Safes can be provided in the rooms.

To ensure the safety of patients and hospital staff, we ask you to desist from defacing hospital facilities. Any act of vandalism will lead to police intervention and will result in a complaint being lodged.

If you witness an act of vandalism, immediately report it to the unit’s head nurse or the person in charge at the main entrance.