Surgical day hospital

At the surgical day hospital, the patient undergoes an outpatient surgical procedure. He returns home on the same day of the procedure.

The following surgical procedures can be performed here:

  • Ophthalmology: lens extraction, cataract treatment, etc.
  • Orthopaedics: arthroscopic knee surgery, placement and removal of osteosynthetic material, hand and foot surgery, etc.
  • Pain clinic: treatment of back and neck pain by epidural anaesthesia
  • ENT: removal of tonsils and adenoids, fitting of tympanostomy tubes, nose operations, etc.
  • Urology: circumcisions if medically indicated or for ritualistic purposes, sterilisations, cystoscopies, etc.
  • Gynaecology: hysteroscopies, sterilisations, curettages...
  • Stomatology: dental care and extractions, etc.
  • General surgery: inguinal and umbilical hernias, implantable ventricular assist devices, etc.
  • Vascular surgery: varicose vein removal, placement of arteriovenous fistulas, etc.

Preoperative pathway

All patients who are about to have a surgery under general or local anesthesia in the operating room must be part of the preoperative pathway.

This pathway allows us to prepare your intervention from an administrative, medical and care point of view, with a special focus on your social and psychological needs.

How and when make an appointment?

You can make an appointment via the surgeon, the secretariat or via the Contact Center (02/221.92.21).

Your appointment must take place at least 1 week and ideally one month before your surgery.

What should you bring with you?

  1.  The PDF iconthe preoperative questionnaire: filled out by your general practionner and/or you.
  2.  The list of all your medications or a bag with all your medecines.
  3.  You don't have to fast. Lab tests can take place on the same day.
  4.  Your preadmission will be finalised at the same time.

Do you still have questions? Please call our secretariat (02/221.92.79)

Admission and opening hours

Admission is organised at the Botanique location, route 090. On arrival, kindly register at the administration office.

In order for the procedure to go smoothly and for your safety, kindly follow the recommendations below:

  • Telephone the administration office on the day before the procedure to find out the time of your procedure.
  • Prior to your admission, remember to notify your employer and your health insurance fund (medical certificate)
  • You must be on a fast from midnight of the day before the procedure (no eating or drinking, not even water). For fasting instructions, kindly contact your physician.
  • Do not take medication other than what has been prescribed or authorised by the surgeon or anaesthesiologist.
  • Throughout the day of your hospitalisation, children must be accompanied at all times by a parent or relative.

If you wish, you can have a family member or relative accompany you.

The department is open from 7h to 17h, Monday to Friday.

Items to take with you

Remember to take the following documents with you:

  • Your ID card or passport
  • Any other insurability coverage (CEE, CIGNA, ALLIANZ, PE, E111, E112, Eurocontrol, European health insurance card, etc.)
  • The request for admission from the surgeon, citing the desired date of admission
  • The “Day Surgery” documents received from your surgeon, duly filled in and signed
  • In cases of occupational or sports-related accidents: a hospitalisation costs form, to be filled out by the policyholder (employer, sports association, school, etc.
  • The results of medical tests (radiology, laboratory analysis, ECG, etc.)

We recommend that you take a few personal effects with you, but not too many:

  • Something for your leisure-time activity
  • Comfortable clothing to wear on discharge
  • Any props such as crutches, etc.

We advise you to keep as little luggage as possible in your room. Avoid bringing valuable items or large sums of money with you. If you must do so, be advised that some rooms are equipped with safes.

During your stay

A light meal is provided before you leave.

A self-service restaurant and a cafeteria are available to your companion.

All of the rooms are equipped with a radio and a television set.

Your family can contact you by dialling the nursing care department on: 02/221.90.99

If you do not have GSM and need to make a telephone call (to summon a taxi, for example) you can ask the reception at your location to do this for you, at a charge of 0.5 Euros.


After you have been seen by the surgeon, your anaesthesiologist will determine the time of your discharge in consultation with you.

Recommendations to follow for 24h after the procedure:

  • Rest
  • Do not take alcohol or sedatives
  • Do not drive or ride a bicycle
  • Do not operate machines
  • Do not take any decisions or sign any documents, especially legal ones
  • If a problem or complication occurs, you can call your attending physician, the surgeon who performed your operation or, if necessary, go directly to the emergency department at the Botanique location.
  • Be sure to have an adult accompany and take care of you when you are discharged from our department, and for the  24 hours continuously.

For supplementary or private insurance purposes, remember to obtain your proof of hospitalisation from the day surgery administration office.


You will find all of the information on the Cost page.

Contacting and locating the hospital

The surgical day hospital is found at the Botanique location, route 090.

You can contact the surgical day hospital between 7h and 17h, Monday to Friday on the following numbers: