During your stay


You are required to take with you :

  • Your ID card or your passport
  • Any other insurability coverage (CEE, CIGNA, ALLIANZ, PE, E111, E112, Eurocontrol, European health insurance card, etc.)
  • Any other insurance card (DKV, Assurcard, etc.) or hospitalisation coverage (AG, AXA, etc.)
  • The request for admission from the specialist, citing the desired date of admission, the ward, and the supervising hospital physician
  • In cases of occupational or sports-related accidents: a hospitalisation costs form, to be filled out by the policyholder (employer, sports association, school, etc.)
  • Provision for advance payment (by credit card, bank card or cash)
  • Toiletries, face cloths and towels
  • Dressing gown or pyjamas, slippers and housecoat
  • Undergarments and clothing for when you are discharged
  • Site Léopold I: also pack clothing for use during your stay
  • Coins for the telephone and/or drinks
  • Items with which to occupy your time: reading material, MP3 player, etc.

Note: If you are not on a health insurance plan, you must notify your Clinic medical specialist.

If you have an Assurcard, remember to register your admission form on the Assurcard reader in the reception area before going to the admissions department !

Room security

We advise you to keep as little luggage as possible in your room. Avoid bringing valuable items or large sums of money with you. If you must do so, be advised that some rooms are equipped with safes.
We do not accept any liability for items lost, stolen or damaged.


A menu of regular as well as dietary food is provided each day.

Estimated mealtimes:

  • 08.00: breakfast
  • 12.00: midday meal
  • 17.00: evening meal

If required because of your health condition, a dietician will give you advice and answer to your questions.

Room facilities


Most of the rooms at the Botanique location are equipped with a radio and a television set. The nursing attendant will bring you newspapers and/or your choice of magazines on request.

At the Méridien location, a remote control for the television can be made available to you. You are to request this from the admission office or from reception on payment of a 50 € security deposit. When you are leaving, the remote control must be returned to the admission office, at which time you will be refunded the security deposit in cash, or to the reception desk, in which case the refund will be deducted from you invoice.

At the Léopold I location, a TV and a radio are provided in the communal room. Only private rooms are provided with a television set.


Our rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi connection. The access codes can be requested on admission.


Clinic volunteers go around to the rooms offering a wide choice of reading materials (books and magazines). This lending service is free and is available at the Botanique and Méridien locations.

Hairdresser/Podiatrist/Medical chiropodist

A hairdresser, a podiatrist and a medical chiropodist are available to you. The nurse on your ward will contact them on request.