Clinique Saint Jean - site Meridien
07 Jan 2018 | News

As of 15 January, the parking for patients/visitors of our Méridien site will only be accessible between 6h45 and 20h.

20 Dec 2017 | News

Together with all our collaborators, we wish you 52 weeks of hapiness, good health and personal & professional success for 2018!

Dialyse machine
13 Jun 2017 | News

13 new dialysis stations will be created on our Meridien site, building C, level 2 (where the old cafeteria was laid). To be able to carry out this project, construction words will start on...


Cuisine marocaine

Our colleague Nacira Abdelsima, a dietician in the nephrology department, has developed a website to help Turkish and Moroccan patients...

Last November, the restaurant at the Méridien location got a facelift!