Brussels, at the height of the Middle Ages. A few priests, clerics and members of the bourgeoisie joined together to form the Confrérie du Saint-Esprit (Brethren of the Free Spirit) which set up a general hospital: the Saint Jean op de Poel Hospital.

This was our beginning!

Care was dispensed by members of the Congrégation des Sœurs Hospitalières Augustines (congregation of Augustine Hospital sisters) who lived and worked at the hospital in a spirit of devotion and self-denial, as instructed by the order of Saint-Augustine. In 1500 they took over the helm of the general hospital.

During the French Revolution, they gave over part of the care to the Commission of hospices but from 1851 they took it over again, this time for good. Since then, much water has flowed under the bridges of the Senne…

A few signal dates:

1851 Construction of the clinic on its current site. Reconstruction and reconfigurations would follow throughout the century
1935 The second Brussels polyclinic, which had existed since 1913, was bought over
1956 Pie X school of nursing, maternity and paediatrics opened
1971 Dialysis unit established
1977 Coronary unit set up separately from intensive care
1980 Medical day hospital opened. Geriatric and psychiatric units set up
1986 Team of intensive care physicians instituted
1988 Team of emergency physicians formed
1990 A new medical-surgical-cardiovascular division installed and the palliative care unit established
1991 Inauguration of the Fondation Saint-Jean (Saint-Jean Foundation)
1994 Initiation of day surgery
1995 Psychiatric emergency medicine introduced
2000 Paediatric psychiatric department opened
2001 Opening of Pet-Scan department, Brussels-Halle
2004 Inauguration of the new building
2008 Official acquisition of the Clinique Saint-Etienne in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, which becomes the Méridien location
2014 Acquisition of 78 hospital beds from the Magnolia geriatric centre in Jette under the location name “Léopold I”
2016 Inauguration and opening of the new emergency department and intensive care unit     
2017 Opening of the new surgical day hospital (site Botanique)
2018 Opening of the new low-care dialysis unit (site Méridien)
2019 Opening of the new maternity (site Botanique)