Connaissez-vous bien vos médicaments ?
Connaissez-vous bien vos médicaments ?
14 Sep 2022 | News

World Patient Safety Day: let’s focus on medicines
This Saturday, September 17, 2022, the World Health Organization is organizing the World Patient Safety Day on the theme of medicines.

Parking Botanique Saint-Jean
12 Aug 2022 | News

On August 16th, 2022, a new plan of traffic is being introduced in the Pentagon, the city center of Brussels. This new plan of traffic is the local implementation of...

01 Jul 2022 | News

General patient visiting hours are from 14:00 to 19:00 on the 3 sites of the Clinic Saint-Jean: Botanique, Méridien and Leopold I.
Please note that some services have...

23 Jun 2022 | News

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chairman and a new CEO for the Clinique Saint-Jean. Prof. Dr. Patrick De Coster as Chairman of the Board of Directors and...

aspirex thrombose veineuse
23 Jun 2022 | News

The Clinique Saint-Jean is the first clinic in Brussels to use a new technique to treat venous thrombosis.
Aspirex® perfectly removes clots in the deep veins of the pelvis and lower limbs....

17 Jun 2022 | Event

From Monday, June 20th until Friday, July 8th, construction will take place on the rue du Marais to install a bollard which prevent local traffic from passing through the street as of mid-August....

30 May 2022 | News

From Monday 30 May, inpatient visits at our 3 sites can be resumed during the usual visiting hours established before the Covid period. The Covid is still circulating. As a precautionary measure...

16 Feb 2022 | News

We know how important it is for inpatients to be able to receive visitors during their stay with us. That is why we give them the opportunity to receive visitors if they wish. In the interest of...

01 Apr 2021 | News

Even in Covid times, we do our best to make our clinic as accessible as possible to our patients. From now on they can make an appointment with the clinic online.
This can be done via a new...