Palliative and continuing care

The palliative care unit receives patients with serious diseases that have reached an advanced, progressive or terminal stage.

Philosophy behind palliative care

The objective of palliative care is to ensure the best quality of life possible through:

  • specialised medical and nursing care.
  • control of pain and other symptoms.
  • psychological, social and spiritual support for patient and family.

A cross-disciplinary team

The continuous palliative care cross-disciplinary team is made up of: 

  • specialised physicians
  • specialised nurses
  • a physiotherapist
  • a psychologist
  • a social worker
  • spiritual advisors
  • a secretary
  • volunteers

Comprehensive management

The team is dedicated to providing adequate care and support through:

  • ongoing evaluation of symptoms and nursing care. Continuous, specific adaptation of the treatment.
  • attentiveness and psychological support to help the patient and his family understand the disease as easily as possible.
  • management of specific social situations.
  • spiritual support for those desiring it, with due respect for the beliefs of each person.
  • an evaluation of the possibility of returning home and organisation of this return home, with the appropriate assistance.
  • a hospital referral  for a determinate period in the event of a difficult situation at home, whether of a medical or psychological nature, or to relieve an exhausted family circle, in collaboration with the attending physician and the home-care team.

A welcoming place

  • A pleasant setting.
  • An open facility where relatives are welcome.
  • Adjusted, more flexible visiting hours.

Useful information

The request for admission is submitted by the attending physician or the hospital physician with the patient’s file.

The financial terms and conditions for palliative care hospitalisation are the same as those for conventional hospitalisation.


Dr Nathalie Fierens (supervising physician): 02/221.98.68
Dr Valérie Mignon: 02/221.98.69
Unit: 02/221.98.70 - Fax: 02/2219830




Phone of secretariat


Visiting hours


24h/24, please contact the care unit team before your visit (02/221.98.70).


Doctors and paramedical

Department of palliative and continuing care
Head of palliative and continuing care
Department of palliative and continuing care


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