Social services

The task of the oncology social worker is to make the lives of the patient and his family easier for the duration of the medical treatment. The social worker analyses the patient’s situation so as to avoid any difficulties.

The social services department can help you with:

  • putting at-home help in place (a nurse, meals, domestic help, physiotherapy, etc.)
  • support for rent/the purchase of medical  equipment (walker, alternating mattress, wheelchair, bed, oxygen, etc.)
  • the plan for discharge in an external institution (rehabilitation, convalescence, short stays, nursing home, etc.
  • administrative, legal or financial difficulties, etc.
  • information on transport during your treatment
  • access to certain social benefits (according to each situation)
  • support and assistance in the event of death
  • etc.

The oncology social worker works jointly with the cross-disciplinary team (physicians, nurses, psychologists, etc.). This type of management enables the worker to recommend the support and assistance most appropriate to the needs of the patient and family.

For further information, you can contact:


Tel: 02/221.95.33