Revalidation 2 (Léopold I)

During your rehabilitation, the nursing team and the supervising physician ensure that you receive care around the clock.

The nursing team led by the head nurse is in this instance made up of:

  • Physiotherapists working to restore your physical capabilities to maximum levels. To do this, you will be given appropriate exercises in your room, your department or at the local physiotherapist’s surgery.
  • An occupational therapist whose task is to render you fit enough to resume all daily activities such as bathing, dressing and preparing meals.
  • The occupational therapist also plans other activities as part of your care and rehabilitation,
  • Speech therapists who, either as an individual or group activity, treat speech and swallowing disorders.
  • Community nurses who assist you with your personal problems, in preparation for your return home and the reception from your family, admission into a nursing home and for any problems relating to social security benefits.
  • A psychologist who assists you with mental issues and problems.
  • Dieticians who recommend appropriate food, if this is medically indicated.

Each week, the team meets to discuss the treatment planned for your rehabilitation.

Phone of secretariat


Visiting hours


14.00 - 19.00


14.00 - 19.00


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