Pneumology (Meridien)

The Pneumology department provides care management for acute chronic adult respiratory diseases. These are diseases affecting the bronchial tubes, lungs, pleura and mediastinum (= space between the lungs).

The symptoms most frequently observed are:

  • coughing,
  • expectoration,
  • shortness of breath,
  • chest pain
  • certain sleep disorders and daytime drowsiness.

The pneumology department handles

  • asthma and respiratory allergies,
  • respiratory illnesses linked to smoking such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema,
  • lung cancer and pleural cancer,
  • infections such as pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis, etc.
  • respiratory difficulty during sleep (apnoea, etc.)

Our medical and technical facilities cover respiratory functional exploration (= breath measurement), bronchoscopy (= exploration of the bronchial tubes) and sleep study (polysomnography).

Our department manages thoracic cancers while making use of the specialities available at the Clinic’s location (thoracic surgery, radiotherapy, imaging, anatomical pathology and molecular biology, neurosurgery, etc.) and in collaboration with a specialised paramedical supervisor (oncology coordinating nurse, data manager, psycho-oncologist, etc.). Through direct access to state-of-the-art techniques (up-to-the-minute scanner, PET Scanning, NMR, etc.) additional tests can be performed in a very short space of time. All of the specialists involved in the field of thoracic oncology meet each week for a multidisciplinary discussion to identify specific treatments for each case.

Within this department, consultation on tobacco addiction plays a role in the management of tobacco dependency, with resulting recommendations for aids to smoking cessation and specific individualised support.

We also provide management for patients presenting with breathing abnormalities during sleep (sleep apnoea syndrome) and more specific disorders (restless leg syndrome, etc.)

Testing for respiratory allergic diseases is performed as a pneumology consultation. The more complex pathologies (cross-allergies, drug allergies with triggering techniques, etc.) are also managed by the department in collaboration with the ENT specialists and dermatologists.

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