Endocrino-diabetology (Meridien)

The endocrinology department manages adult diabetics on tablets or insulin, thyroid problems or any other hormonal problem except for problems relating to fertility.

We are organised as a multidisciplinary team with the ability to meet most of the needs of diabetic persons. Whether the problem concerns treatment advice, and assessment, help in better understanding treatment or diet, or foot care, the diabetic person and his relations can receive the necessary help from:

  • an  endocrinologist-diabetologist,
  • a nurse specialising in diabetes education,
  • a dietician,
  • a podiatrist,
  • a social worker of a psychologist

Our team provides support for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Persons with thyroid problems can benefit from all of the diagnostic and treatment-based techniques within a cross-disciplinary support centre pooling the services of endocrinologists, a nuclear medicine department and a radiology department.

We work together with the Obesity Clinic in the management of obese persons.

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Department of endocrinology - diabetology
Department of endocrinology - diabetology