Purchasing Department

Our department contributes to the quality of care by providing its in-house clients – the medical and non-medical body – with the goods and services necessary for the smooth operation of their activities. It operates with due regard for the rules and standards in effect and in close collaboration with the other internal support departments.

The Purchasing Department is to a large extent “customer-focused” and takes advantage of every opportunity to be on the ground so as to fully understand the needs of our clients and to be able as far as possible to satisfy them.

Main tasks :

  • Assisting in creating strategic focal points for the Clinic
  • Helping in-house clients to clearly define their needs, in keeping with the objectives of Management
  • Working towards standardisation and consistency  of medical and non-medical materials
  • Exploring markets to know what is available
  • Expanding the range of potential suppliers, with due regard for the rules regarding procurement contracts
  • Preparing and publishing instructions
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Analysing supplier performance
  • Managing disputes

The team

Elsa Chaventré est responsable des achats. Elle prend en charge les investissements et marchés publics pour les différents services de la Clinique. Elle reprend également le rôle de personne relais pour Saint-Jean au sein de la centrale d’achats Mercur’hosp.


Tél :02/891.08.51
E-mail :echaventre@clstjean.be

Lauriane Adelakom et Hicham En Naly sont acheteurs et gèrent le processus des commandes de A à Z  . Ils sont les personnes de contact pour les achats directs émanant des différents services.

Tél : 02/891.08.59
E-mail :ladelakom@clstjean.be; hennaly@clstjean.be

The Purchasing Process

The committee responsible for approving procedures and awarding supplier and service contracts is the Purchasing Committee. All orders from an in-house client exceeding  8500€ are submitted and justified by the Purchasing Department before the Purchasing Committee, which decides on the follow-up action to be taken.

As a cross-disciplinary body, the committee is made up of representatives from the medical, financial, technical, logistics, IT, nursing and pharmacy departments. The SIPPT (the internal department for risk prevention and protection in the workplace) is also represented.

Purchasing Cooperative

To enhance the organisation and efficiency of their hospital services, 12 institutions spread over the Wallonie and Brussels regions created the not-for-profit organisation MercurHosp in late 2013.

Its objective : to pool resources for non-clinical operations in the interest of their partners and by extension their patients.

This procurement cooperative has been in operation for over a year. Several procurement contracts have already been awarded and a large number of goods are currently being reviewed by the 3 purchasers. Clinic Saint-Jean consequently decided to join the cooperative in July 2014.

Find out more at : http://mercurhosp.be

Current procurement contracts

Nature Reference Procedure Contact person Status
Marché public pour un service externe de prévention et protection au travail (SEPPT) 2016021 En prospection Elsa Chaventré Rédaction cahier des charges
Marché public de l'EHB : transport de matériel entrant et sortant de matériel corporel humain 2016007 Appel d'offres ouvert Elsa Chaventré Rédaction cahier des charges
Marché public pour un système de blocage respiratoire pour la radiothérapie 2016022 Négociée sans publicité Elsa Chaventré

En prospection

Marché public POCT Glycémie et Cétone 2015001 Appel d'offres ouvert Elsa Chaventré En cours d’analyse des offres
Procurement contract for the acquisition of a hybrid room 2016007 Prospecting Elsa Chaventré Prospecting
Marché public de financement d’investissements mobiliers 2016007 En prospection Elsa Chaventré En prospection

Last update : 13/02/2019