Oncological rehabilitation


Numerous studies have shown that oncological rehabilitation helps the patient to:

  • increase endurance and improve muscle strength.
  • reduce fatigue and enhance quality of life.
  • improve social, familial and professional reintegration.

This type of management is intended for all adult patients after or during cancer treatment. Patients are included after being medically assessed by a rehabilitation specialist and must be able to work as part of a group.

The programme lasts approximately 3 months and is divided into 2 parts:

  • 24 sessions of approximately 2 hours, focusing on cardiac and respiratory fitness and overall muscle strengthening. These group sessions (of 5 to 8 persons) are conducted as often as twice a week and are supervised by a physiotherapist.
  • 8 information and discussion sessions on subjects such as nutrition, sleep, fatigue, etc.

Individual psychological and dietary support are of course available throughout the programme. The sessions are held at the Terranova location of Clinic Saint-Jean. The cost is limited to co-payment of the rehabilitation sessions.

Are you interested in the programme? Would you like more information?

Speak to your attending oncologist and/or coordinating nurse.

Administration office:

  • Dr. Marc Schiltz
  • Dr. Bruno Gillard

Tel: 02/221.99.87


  • Alexandrine Close
  • Sylviane Fagot
  • Géraldine Spaens
  • Emmanuelle Trappeniers

Tel: 02/221.93.45