Construction work in front of the main entrance: the clinic remains accessible

Travaux boulevard du Jardin Botanique août 2023
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The Brussels Region continues to modernize public spaces, including the area around the clinic, to make them safer and more welcoming for all local residents and visitors.

The aim is for all users - pedestrians, cyclists and motorists - to be able to share the public space safely, making their journeys comfortable and pleasant.

During the month of August, the worksite that began at Pachéco on boulevard du Jardin Botanique gradually descends towards Rogier. It is located on Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, between Rue du Marais and Rue des Cendres.

During your visit to the clinic, the three usual entrances remain open

  • The clinic's main entrance remains accessible at all times during the contruction work: boulevard du Jardin Botanique, 32.
  • The emergency room will also remain accessible via the emergency entrance: rue du Marais.

    The upper part of rue du Marais is still under construction at the beginning of August, and will gradually be opened up to traffic.
    If you're coming from rue de la Blanchisserie, you'll need to use the lower part of rue du Marais to access the emergency room.
  • The policlinic, where you'll find a large number of consultations, remains accessible via the new entrance: rue des Cendres, 9-11.

    Find out more about the policlinic on our website.



Travaux boulevard du Jardin Botanique août 2023