Giving birth at Clinique Saint-Jean: a good choice!


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Week after week your baby grows in your belly and you are getting ready for the arrival of that little miracle.

We organise prenatal information sessions. Click PDF iconhere for more information.

In this video you can see the route you need to take at the time of delivery.


Informative videos

Below you will find some videos in which the midwives and doctors of the delivery quarter and maternity ward explain more about what to expect.

Are you sitting comfortabely? Take your time to watch these videos carefully.
If you have any questions afterwards, you can of course contact our services by telephone.
We wish you a lot of viewing pleasure.


MODULE 1 | Giving birth at the Clinique Saint-Jean


MODULE 2 | Your stay at the Maternity ward in Clinique Saint-Jean


MODULE 3 | Breastfeeding: the best start at Clinique Saint-Jean

News Covid-19

Stay informed about our measures

Our doctors explain to you in detail what you can expect when you give birth in the Covid-19 period.
Giving birth during this period can feel a bit weird, but with our teams of midwives and doctors around you, you can count on the very best care.

You will see: giving birth is a unique experience.



Because of the Corona-pandemic we find ourselves in a special situation. To garantee your and our safety we took some measures.
Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions about giving birth in times of Covid-19 and the measures the Clinic takes.
If after reading this information, you still have soms questions, don't hesitate to ask them to your gynecologist or your midwife.


How is the pre-admission process going?

For the moment, there is no pre-admission and therefore you do not have to come and register in advance. The admission document you will receive from your gynecologist will do.

Do we always have to wear a mask?

During your stay, it is recommended that you wear a mouth mask if the safety distance of 1.5 meter cannot be guaranteed. If you leave your room, for example in the corridor or in another department of the Clinic, it is compulsory to wear a mouth mask.

Can I be accompanied to the delivery room?

When you are admitted to the delivery room, you can only be accompanied by one person.

Are visits allowed in the maternity ward?

Only the presence of the partner and the children of the couple. So far, other visitors are not admitted.

What is the preferred entrance to the clinic for childbirth?

Your admission to the clinic will always be via the emergency room.

Will Covid-19 screening always be performed?

In case of an unplanned admission, which is often the case for childbirth, you will only be tested for Covid-19 (rapid test + PCR test).

Each patient who comes to the Clinic for a planned admission will be contacted by phone to go through a short questionnaire. This questionnaire will be used as a basis for determining the likelihood of Covid-19 infection.
This also applies to mothers giving birth by caesarean section or when labor is induced. The PCR test takes place 3 days before admission. Depending on the swab, measures will be taken at the time of delivery.

However, the basic rules, wearing a mask and hand hygiene, remain mandatory for everyone.

What measures are taken in case of Covid-19 infection at the time of delivery?

  •   You will stay in isolation with your partner. You will both receive meals from the clinic.
  •   The corona smear is performed on you.
  •   After the delivery, you will not be separated from your baby, only if you are in critical condition.
  •   The care remains the same, but is adapted to the needs of your isolation.
  •   Your stay will last a minimum of three days.
  •   When you leave, you will receive a supply of masks and we will give you instructions and precautionary measures to follow.

If I am infected with SARS-CoV-2 around the time of delivery, will my baby be at additional risk and become infected too?

The scientific evidence is very reassuring regarding the maternal-fetal transmission of Covid-19 disease. Transmission in utero remains an exception.
After childbirth, the risk of transmission of the disease is possible, but very low if you follow the following advices:

  • Before caring for the baby (change, feed or just caress) you should wash your hands and avoid touching your face.
  • You can sleep in the same room as the baby, but the baby's bed should be at 1.5-2 meters.

If I'm infected, can I breastfeed my baby?

If you are infected with SARS-CoV-2 but feel well, breastfeeding is possible. You can breastfeed your baby and carry him/her in your arms while wearing a mask.

Can my partner join me to an ultrasound consultation?

Yes, your partner can accompany you during a consultation, but only if it is an echo moment. For non-echo consultations, you must come alone.

Our flyers & brochures

Our flyers only exist in French and Dutch. You may find them as pdf here:

You can also obtain these flyers at the clinic. Feel free to ask them.


Visiting hours in the maternity: Currently only the partner and the children of the couple are allowed at the Maternity. We also ask to do as little walking as possible in the corridors of the clinic. This to maintain the health status of the other patients.

Any more questions? Our teams are at your service!

Maternity: 02/221.94.00

Delivery quarter: 02/221.94.30



Birth registration

For the declaration of your baby's birth, you need to make an appointment with the City of Brussels and visit them within 15 calendar days after birth to sign the birth certificate.

The appointment can be made by phone on 02/279 34 30 (from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.30 pm to 4 pm) or by e-mail:

For more information, please visit the website of the City of Brussels: