I am going to be admitted to hospital shortly; what should I take with me ?

What you should take with you before entering the Clinic Saint-Jean:

  • Your ID card or your passport
  • Any other insurability coverage (CEE, CIGNA, ALLIANZ, PE, E111, E112, Eurocontrol, European health insurance card, etc.)
  • Any other insurance card (DKV, Assurcard, etc.) or hospitalisation coverage (AG, AXA, etc.)
  • The request for admission from the specialist, citing the desired date of admission, the ward, and the supervising clinical physician
  •  In cases of occupational or sports-related accidents: a hospitalisation costs form, to be filled in by the policyholder (employer, sports association, school, etc.)
  • Provision for advance payment (by credit card, bank card or cash)
  • Toiletries, face cloths and towels
  • Dressing gown or pyjamas, slippers and housecoat
  • Undergarments and clothing for when you are discharged
  • Site Léopold I: also pack clothing for use during your stay
  • Coins for the telephone and/or drinks
  • Items with which to occupy your time: reading material, MP3 player, etc.