Clinical pathways

A clinical pathway outlines in detail the entire track or path each patient is expected to follow throughout the course of treatment for a specific pathology or intervention. In each clinical pathway, all the steps are clearly described and each actor (doctors, paramedics, nurses, etc.) knows exactly the actions to be carried out at each moment of the treatment. This multidisciplinary approach improves the coordination between the various actors and allows us to ensure efficient quality care.

A clinical pathway is not limited to the treatment in our Clinic, it continues at your home, in collaboration with your general practitioner and, if necessary, with other healthcare professionals (paramedics, home nurses, etc.).

Our clinical pathways for patients

  • Infarct (soon available)
  • Total hip prosthesis "One-day hip" (soon available)

Our clinical pathways for healthcare professionals

Clinical pathways for healthcare professionals

As part of our Horizon2020 strategic program, our priority is to propose a model of collaborative hospital management involving the implementation of a comprehensive, quality, cost-effective and multidisciplinary care program within our Clinic. Clinical pathways are an integral part of this model.