The Wellbeing platform


The healthcare and services offered on this platform help improve the patient’s quality of life, better manage his stress levels, awaken his latent potential and stimulate his vitality, fighting spirit and capacity for healing, during his illness. This also makes social, professional and familial reintegration easier once the illness has passed.

Art therapy

The art therapy workshops use creativity as a means for the patient to cope with the experience of living with cancer.

Whether through collage, drawing, painting or clay modelling, this is a method of transposing one’s internal condition or present preoccupations and giving them expression as form and colour. One does not need to know how to draw, since aesthetic appearance is not the objective. Neither is technique necessary; in fact, spontaneity is the order of the day.

See our brochure for further information.

Wellness & beauty tips

Our onco-esthetician Sandra Fernandez Cendon is present 3 half-days a week to offer massages and other specific treatments at the request of patients.

Among the massages it offers: relaxants, back, legs, head, energy, anti burnout, feet, hands,….

His office is located in the wellness area (route 250). She also travels to the room for less mobile patients.

You can make an appointment with her directly by mobile phone (0493/86.16.72). All sessions are free for oncology patients.