The Wellbeing platform


The healthcare and services offered on this platform help improve the patient’s quality of life, better manage his stress levels, awaken his latent potential and stimulate his vitality, fighting spirit and capacity for healing, during his illness. This also makes social, professional and familial reintegration easier once the illness has passed.

Art therapy

The art therapy workshops use creativity as a means for the patient to cope with the experience of living with cancer.

Whether through collage, drawing, painting or clay modelling, this is a method of transposing one’s internal condition or present preoccupations and giving them expression as form and colour. One does not need to know how to draw, since aesthetic appearance is not the objective. Neither is technique necessary; in fact, spontaneity is the order of the day.

See our brochure for further information.

“Look good, feel better”

Bilingual “Look good, feel better” workshops are organised at the day hospital in collaboration with the “Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker”. In these workshops, patients work in groups with a bilingual beauty therapist who gives them beauty advice, particularly on makeup and skin care, and on reducing the effects of the treatments. To find out the dates of the workshops, contact the clinic’s administration office on 02/221.95.07.

Colour and style workshop

There are some styles and colours that enhance your appearance more than others… but you don’t know which ones. To help you identify these, we invite you to participate in this workshop which is held on the first Monday of every month, from 13h to 16h. Here you will learn to identify the colours that bring out your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence.

The workshops will be held on the art therapy premises of Clinic Saint-Jean (route 370).

Interested? Register now by contacting Sophie Theben, self-image advisor and Life coach, by telephoning 0486/89.65.70, between 16h and 18h.


Cancer and cancer treatments can affect your body image: sensitive skin, loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, weight loss/gain, scars, fatigue, etc.

The reflection in the mirror no longer matches the image you have of yourself. However, a good self-image helps you feel better. It helps preserve your self-assurance, especially in social interactions. Facial care, and a few beauty and/or makeup tips can be an effective aid in helping to restore this self-confidence.

A beauty advisor, trained by the Cancer Foundation, is there to offer you beauty care recommendations. She will know how to deal with the body changes specifically linked to cancer and cancer treatments. By being attentive to your needs, she can answer your questions and help you rediscover a more positive self-image.

Every Thursday after the appointment sessions, the Cancer Clinic gives 1 hour of free treatment by Joke Dedeyne from 13h30 to 14h30 and from 14h30 to 15h30, while Lieve Van de Velde is on hand for 3 hours every Monday. These treatments are given in the oncological wellbeing space (route 370) or in-room for hospitalised patients.