Vascular surgery (Meridien)

Our department manages:

  • Disease of the aortic artery and peripheral blood vessels in the limbs and the supra-aortic vessels leading to the brain, carotid artery and vertebrae. In these fields, all of the current conventional surgical techniques for bypass and endarterectomy, and the endovascular techniques for dilation, endoprosthesis and embolisation are applied. These are described further on in this presentation.
  • Venous disease by applying the various medical, surgical and endovenous approaches.

Our department works in collaboration with the nephrology department in creating and monitoring haemodialysis vascular access to enable these techniques of blood purification as well as peritoneal dialysis to be performed.

Our team:

  • Three surgeons (2 women and one man) fluent in three languages, French, Dutch and English. One of them also speaks Arabic quite well and the other one has good knowledge of German and Italian. They all have a passionate interest in vascular disease, a meticulous approach, and a caring personal manner, providing treatment based in state-of-the-art techniques. They are also active members of scientific organisations (Société belge de Chirurgie Vasculaires (Belgian Society of Vascular Surgeons), Ligue Endovasculaire Francophone (Francophone Endovascular Association), etc.).
  • Our secretaries are available throughout the week and attentive to your needs.
  • Two surgical nurses and one assistant who also form part of Clinic Saint Jean’s permanent staff, and who are on hand with your surgeon to provide optimal delivery of care in the operating theatre.

Ongoing collaboration with other disciplines practiced at the Clinic, particularly radiology, cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology and geriatrics, serve to ensure the comprehensive management of each category of patient.

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Dr Brion consults one Wednesday afternoon on two of the Meridien site.


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Department of vascular surgery

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