Our department consists of medical radiation technologists, physicists, medical biotechnologist, secretaries, nurses and technologists. The patient is managed by the same persons throughout his treatment in order for him to feel safe and secure. Our team is very attentive and provides the patient with psychosocial support. A cross-disciplinary team is also available (dietician, social worker, chauffeur service, psychologist, translator, etc.).

Radiotherapy is used for the purpose of treating numerous cancers. On its own or in combination with other treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, etc.), it is used to cure a wide range of tumours or to improve quality of life by controlling certain symptoms such as pain.

Before commencing treatment, the radiotherapist will meet with the patient to examine him, explain the treatment methods and plan the preparation preceding the treatment.

The treatment consists of a series of daily sessions localised in the region of the tumour and lasting no more than a few minutes. The number of sessions varies between 1 and 40 and depends on the medical indication. Radiotherapy uses various types of radiation (x-rays, electrons, etc.) which prevent tumour cells from reproducing in order to destroy them without damaging healthy adjacent organs. The side effects of the treatment depend on the location of the treatment and wear off once treatment is discontinued. The patient will be seen every week by the radiotherapist in order to evaluate and alleviate these side effects.





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