Psychopathology for adults route 230

The adult mental pathology department is made up of 4 units :

Day hospitalisation and night hospitalisation

The open hospitalisation unit is used for the management of acute situations requiring complete daytime or night-time hospitalisation, on a voluntary basis, for periods ranging from several days to several weeks. The unit is comprised of 29 beds, divided into 2-bed rooms and single rooms. The care management is intended to have a multidisciplinary focus.

It involves:

  • psychiatric, and sometimes drug, monitoring,
  • psychological and occupational management,
  • sessions with a social worker.

Helix: psychiatric day hospital

The Helix day hospital caters to any adult with mental difficulties. Such persons can receive intensive therapeutic support during the day, based on group work enabling the creation of bonds through oral expression. The work incorporates the body, media and oral expression. There are about ten patients in each workshop. An attendance of 4 days a week is the initial requirement, and this may be modified over time.

Helix is housed at the Méridien location.

Ariane: department of geriatric psychiatry

The unit provides support and treatment for psychiatric disorders in the elderly as well as assessments and rehabilitation for neurocognitive disorders. Our preferred method is a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to working with the patient so with a view to continuity of care and successful networking.

Ariane is housed at the Méridien location.

Consultation activities

The consultation unit offers psychiatric and psychotherapeutic follow-up. Consultations can be given in response to a request for an appraisal or as follow-up for an individual, couple or family. Sexology consultations are also available.

The consultations are held at Terranova.

In addition, the psychiatric team provides intramural and emergency appraisals in collaboration with the other specialists at Clinic Saint-Jean.





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