We, the neonatal team at Clinic Saint-Jean, Brussels, welcome you to our website.

‘Giving birth’ is a unique experience, a miracle, an adventure even, something truly special … on any day, at any time!

A motivated team that takes healthcare seriously and that is there to provide you with information, will guide and support you during your  stay.

While you are here, you can be assured of our professional, high-quality, cross-disciplined approach to your care management (midwives, paediatric nurses, nursing staff, gynaecologists, paediatricians, physiotherapists, K&G/ONE, social worker, psychologist, etc.).

At our clinic, located in the heart of Brussels, we customarily receive patients from all over the world and we try as far as possible to fulfil the needs of mother and child.

For years now, the maternity department has promoted a policy whereby each newborn is from birth provided with the best opportunities for successful breastfeeding. In 2008, Clinic Saint-Jean earned the quality designation ‘BFHI Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative’. However, the mother is free to choose her feeding method.

We pursue a ‘Mother-Friendly support’ policy, where the prospective mother makes her own decisions with regard to, for example, the planned birth, pain management during labour, who will be at her side, etc.

Pregnant women with pregnancy complications and requiring compulsory admission, can be received in our department and given the best care.

If your baby requires medical care, he will be attended on the neonatal ward. You will be very warmly received by a professional team.

Parents are directly involved in the care and are welcomed around the clock. For us, creating a feeling of security and intimacy with your child is very important. In the department, each baby will be given the best opportunities for successful breastfeeding, if the mother wishes to do so.