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The CEBIODI (CEntre de BIOlogie DIagnostic) laboratory was formed as a not-for-profit organisation on 1 January 2002 following the takeover of the laboratories of Drs. Staquet and Van den Abbeele by the Saint-Jean and Sainte Anne-Saint Remi-Saint Etienne clinics.

The laboratory’s operations serve the needs of many prescribing physicians: prescribing physicians from Sainte Anne-Saint & Remi, Saint-Jean and from Magnolia. CEBODI also performs medical analyses for other prescribing physicians, receiving outpatients at the clinics’ sample-collection centres or at the off-site polyclinics or at private doctors’ surgeries.

CEBIODI is an INAMI-approved laboratory with 24/7 operations at two hospital locations: Clinic Saint-Jean and Ste Anne-St Remi. Either location can take over the operations of the other in the event of major operational difficulties.

CEBIODI employs 8 laboratory physicians and 110 employees including 70 lab technologists. CEBIODI performs over 4,500,000 human clinical biology analyses annually, ranging from routine tests to specialised tests in areas such as chemistry, hormonology, toxicology, therapeutic monitoring, microbiology, infectious disease serology, haematology, haemostasis/coagulation, immunohaematology and non-infectious disease serology and spermatology.



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