The nursing care dispensed by qualified, specialised staff illustrates our shared vision for health care.

The objectives of Clinic Saint-Jean

To provide targeted care:

  • Comprehensive care encompassing the physical, emotional and social needs of the care receiver
  • Care focused on the specific expectations of the care receiver

To be effective in the dispensation of care:

  • An analytical and systematic approach to care
  • Continuous concern for the promotion of care and wellbeing

To provide personalised care:

  • Individualised care, with due regard for the patient
  • Care administered in the presence of properly identified nursing staff

To interact in the care process:

  • Care where communication and dialogue with the care receiver are essential
  • Care during which we encourage the participation of the patient and ensure his recovery

To offer quality care:

  • Care defined by quality-based standards and criteria
  • Care where we measure results and evaluate satisfaction levels (periodic surveys)

To have a professional approach to care:

  • Care based on knowledge, competency and professional attitudes
  • Care backed by a scientific approach and ongoing training