It is often difficult to openly discuss an illness. This is why psychological support is vital. A team of psychologists is on hand throughout the patient’s course of treatment. This support is available free of charge.

For more details or to arrange an appointment, you may contact one of our psychologists.

Support for the patient and his family

Notification of a cancer diagnosis is often a cause of disruption within families. For this reason, the Cancer Clinic offers support and a receptive ear to those who are close to persons with cancer.

For additional information or to arrange an appointment, please contact:

Psychology education group meetings

Thanks to the support of the ING sponsorship fund in Belgium, which is managed by the Roi Baudouin Foundation, the Cancer Clinic is putting on psychology education group meetings one afternoon every other week for cancer patients.

These are information and discussion group meetings held over 8 separate sessions where the patient will have the opportunity to obtain clear, detailed information on issues as varied as nutrition, communication with family and friends, managing side effects, etc. These psychology education group meetings are an opportunity for the patient to ask questions and engage in dialogue with other patients who are often going through the same difficulties.

These groups are offered as a feature of oncological rehabilitation. These groups are totally free of charge but registration is required by calling 02/221.99.96 (radiotherapy administration office).

For additional information, contact a member of the nursing team.

Children’s workshops

Thanks to support from the Federal Public Service (FPS) for Healthcare, and as part of the National Cancer Plan, the Cancer Clinic is offering creativity workshops for children or grandchildren of cancer patients.

The aim of these workshops is to inform, listen, and allow the child to express himself verbally or non-verbally through artistic expression (clay, painting, collage, drawing, etc.) or play. The child can in this way find answers to his questions about cancer, the treatments, the operations, the side effects of the disease, etc. He can also simply confide things that are important to him, besides his parent’s cancer.

The workshops are held on Wednesday afternoons from 14h to 17h by appointment. They are free of charge and the required registration can be arranged through your referral nurse. An initial interview is conducted with both child and parent present in order to analyse their requirements. Following this, the child participates in the sessions and the parent is regularly given feedback after the session.

We also offer individual consultations for adolescents as well as a one-on-one interview with the parents of children who wish to find out more about how to explain the disease to their child.