Alexandrine Close

On the day after your operation, the physiotherapist visits you to evaluate the mobility in your arm and shoulder. He will tell you which exercises to practice every day and the exertions and movements that are best kept to a limit. By being constantly attentive to your needs, he supports you throughout your treatment by giving advice and answering your questions. If you live far from the clinic, you will be given a list of external partners during your stay.

The surgeon will prescribe sessions for arm and shoulder mobilisation if your sentinel lymph node has been removed, so that you can recover your optimum range of motion.

If you have had axillary curettage, he will prescribe lymphatic drainage for you. 

Silviane Fagot

The physiotherapist may also massage the scar to soften it and enhance its appearance.

A department of contracted physiotherapists specialised in lymphatic drainage is also available at the Clinic’s Terranova and Méridien locations :