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Isokinetic rehabilitation

At the Méridien location, the department has an up-to-the-minute isokinetic machine (the BIODEX S4) which is used to assess muscle function after, for example, shoulder surgery while at the same time serving as a remarkable rehabilitation tool. This machine is especially suitable for the management of sport traumas.

Shock wave therapy

We are also able to offer treatment for chronic tendonitis using extracorporeal shock waves.

The main indications identified for shock waves are:

  • calcifying tendinopathy of the rotator cuff
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tennis elbow

This type of treatment, given on a weekly basis, is available at the Terranova and Méridien locations.

Back training

The back training programme offered by our department caters to patients suffering from chronic low back pain. The latest scientific advances demonstrate the effectiveness of cross-disciplinary management of chronic low back pain. Each participant is given a complete assessment of the lower back complaint being experienced.

This evaluation includes:

  • a medical examination
  • a physiotherapeutic assessment
  • a Tergumed assessment
  • a filmed analysis of occupational and daily movements
  • a discussion with a psychologist, if indicated

The back training “theory” sessions are organised as seminars (over a 4-week period) and include:

  1. an presentation on the anatomy and functioning of the lumbar spine and on the medical treatments for, and psychological aspects of, pain
  2. training in handling
  3. back and abdominal exercises that can be done at home and an introduction to relaxation
  4. a round-table discussion on the benefits of sports, the effects of stress and diet

Back training is followed by 8 weeks of occupational reconditioning (rehabilitation room and Tergumed) supervised by physiotherapists, ensuring the appropriate muscle, cardiac and respiratory reconditioning for each patient.

Spartanova: Our science partner in the field of sports medicine

Any person that moves is an athlete

SpartaNova is a cutting-edge scientific tool used in the areas of sports injury prevention, rehabilitation / athletic recovery and training.

This tool is used in our department for preventive screening as well as for guidance in sports rehabilitation.

More detailed information on the tool is available at the SpartaNova website.

Oncological rehabilitation

A group rehabilitation programme is offered by our oncology and physical medicine departments. The patient is attended by a team of health professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, dieticians, etc.) during rehabilitation. Our programme helps the patient to:

  • boost endurance and muscle strength 
  • reduce fatigue and enhance quality of life
  • improve social, familial and professional reintegration

This type of management is intended for adult patients who have had a medical assessment by a rehabilitation specialist.


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