Obesity and overweight clinic

Clinique de l'obésité

You are overweight and this can act as an agent for physical, mental and social malaise. As you know, obesity is a serious public health problem and this website concerns you.

Our Obesity and overweight clinic is a multidisciplinary surgical, medical and paramedical alliance, organised with the patient in mind in order to treat his/her overweight condition and obesity. We offer you individualised management by a team committed to helping you, motivating you throughout and encouraging you to adapt a new lifestyle in order to achieve sustainable weight loss.

It is worth remembering that there is no obesity treatment without a life-long change in eating habits.

According to estimates calculated by the Ministry of Health in 2013:

  • Close to half (48%) of the adult Belgian population (18 years and over) is overweight and 12% to 14% is obese;
  • More men (55%) than women (42%) suffer from overweight;
  • One in 5 young people (between 2 and 17 years of age) is overweight and 7% of young people in this age group suffer from obesity;
  • The percentage of overweight and obese adults (18+) has been constantly increasing since 1997;
  • Overweight and obesity increase proportionally with age (up to 74 years).


Our office is open Mondays to Thursdays from 8h to 17h30 and Fridays from 8h to 17h.

After you have had a telephone interview with our coordinating secretary and an initial counselling based on your BMI and the weight you or your attending physician desires, we will at that time offer you medical or surgical management suited to your situation.

Information for the patient

The team

  • Our surgical team boasts 20 years’ experience.
  • Our centre is INAMI‑recognised.
  • The surgeons are members of BESOMS (the Belgian Society for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disease).
  • We regularly contribute to the development of the techniques recommended through our active involvement as speakers at national and international conferences.
  • We author and co-author scientific articles pertaining to the subject.

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Doctors and paramedical

Department of digestive surgery
Coordinator Obesity clinic
Department of digestive surgery
Head of abdominal, thoracic and endocrino surgery
Department of endocrinology - diabetology
Department of endocrinology - diabetology
Gastroenterology, hepatology and digestive oncology
Department of pneumology
Department of gynaecology and obstetrics
Chloe Vanhoorick
Department of digestive surgery
Head of psychology