You do not feel well? Do not wait to come to the Clinic or contact our specialists

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You do not feel well (not related to Covid-19) and should require urgent care? Our emergency department at rue du Marais is open and accessible 24/7. Be reassured, you will not be in contact with Covid-19 patients.

You do not feel well and want to contact your doctor at the Clinic? Your doctor is always available to talk to you, by phone or via teleconsultation. Contact the secretariat or our Contact Center (02/221.92.21).

Your health condition requires a consultation at the Clinic? You will receive the necessary protective equipment upon arrival. We take all precautions to ensure a safe visit in our non-Covid-zones.

Do not wait until you feel very bad to get in contact with us, we are always available to take care of you. And if you need to come physically to the Clinic, we will safely welcome you.