Parking lots and streets around the Clinic Saint-Jean

Parking Botanique Saint-Jean
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On August 16th, 2022, a new plan of traffic is being introduced in the Pentagon, the city center of Brussels. This new plan of traffic is the local implementation of Good Move, the mobility plan of the Brussels-Capital Region.
Simultaneously, major renovation work is taking place in the Interparking Botanique Saint-Jean parking lot. These changes have an impact on the accessibility of our clinic and on your mobility.

Plan Interparking

Good Move Plan

The neighborhood where our clinic is located is undergoing major changes in terms of mobility by car:

  • The direction of traffic on rue des Cendres is now reversed. The traffic is going from the boulevard du Jardin Botanique to the rue de la Blanchisserie.
  • The direction of traffic on rue du Marais and the access to the emergency room of the Clinic Saint-Jean is also reversed. The rue du Marais becomes a dead end, it is only accessible to go to our emergency room. The other part of the street is blocked by a bollard.

How to access the emergency room?

The part of the street to access our emergency room is two-way. Take the lower part of rue du Marais from rue de la Blanchisserie and drive up the street until you reach the access ramp of the emergency room.
To leave the emergency room, you must go back down rue du Marais. There are "Urgences Clinique Saint-Jean" road signs to guide you.

If you are on foot or by bicycle, these changes have no impact on you. You will access the emergency room via the top or bottom of rue du Marais.

For more information on the Good Move plan:

Parking lots around the Clinic Saint-Jean

The Interparking Botanique - Saint-Jean parking lot is undergoing major work until September 2023 to be completely modernized. This work will also allow, among other things, direct access to the new policlinic and to the clinic's reception area.

Other paid parking lots are available around the clinic.

  1. Parking Interparking Rogier
  2. Parking Interparking Passage 44 (PRM, level -4)
  3. Parking Interparking City 2

Parking for PRM and wheelchair users

In the parkings Interparking Rogier, City 2 and Passage 44, there are spaces for people with reduced mobility who come by car.

Are you in a wheelchair? Then we advise you to park on level -4 of the Interparking Passage 44. From there, the route to the clinic is more suitable for wheelchair users. From City 2 and Rogier, it is more difficult to reach the clinic in a wheelchair.

How to get to the clinic from the Interparking Passage 44?

  • Park on level -4 (level blue with a fish pictogram)
  • Take the elevator on the right
  • Leave the elevator on level -1
  • Cross the Passage 44 gallery and exit via boulevard du Jardin Botanique
  • Follow the boulevard du Jardin Botanique to the entrance of the Clinique Saint-Jean

Our services or medical secretariats can always give you information about the accessibility of the clinic.