Our specialists remain available remotely thanks to teleconsultation

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Many of our patients need to get regular appointments at the Clinic with their pneumologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, diabetologist, gastroenterologist, … Unfortunately at the moment, for many of you, it is not possible to come in person to the Clinic.

Do not worry any longer: the Clinic and its specialists will come to you thanks to teleconsultation. You are at home, your doctor is here with us and you can, with the help of a simple application, see each other and talk without any risks. Your doctor can prescribe you your medicines and ask how you are doing. So, when are you going to start with your first teleconsultation?

In order to do so, contact your usual medical secretariat or our Contact Center (02/221.92.21). You need to be a patient known by the Clinic to be able to benefit from teleconsultation.

If your doctor schedules a medical teleconsultation (consultation using videochat), you can read our TEAMS teleconsultation guide or view our tutorial.

Our specialists are more than ever close to you and available to take care of you in those difficult times.