Our activities for World Kidney Day on March 10

Journée mondiale du rein
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March 10 is World Kidney Day. This purpose of this event is to sensitise the general public to the high incidence of kidney disease, a silent disease, which when diagnosed late, results in a multiplication of the consequences. It is common for a number of these to be screened only when the terminal stage manifests and, in such cases, dialysis or a transplant is the only recourse.

Clinic Saint-Jean and its nephrology department actively participate each year in the observation of this world day to sensitise its patient complement and its partners to this issue.

What are we going to organise for March 10?

1. Free testing of your kidney function

All patients and visitors can have their kidney function tested free of charge. An information stand will be available for you to visit from 13h to 17h in the reception lobby of our Botanique location (Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 32, 1000 Brussels).
Patients with diabetes, hypertension, cardiac and/or vascular disease, inherited kidney disease, obesity and kidney stones are the ones most susceptible to kidney problems.

Members of our nephrology department staff will perform the tests and answer any questions you may have.
 2. An event on kidney disease for first-line care health professionals

This event, organise in collaboration with Huis voor Gezondheid and the Brussels Local Multidisciplinary Network, is intended for all first-line health care professionals. Physicians from our nephrology department will speak with you on various subjects such as the practical use of diuretics and haematuria (presence of red blood cells in the urine) and will give demonstrations on haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
The event takes place at Clinic Saint-Jean (the Saint-Jean lecture room, 7th storey) from 18h45 to 20h50 and is followed by a walking dinner.
For further information on this event and to register, click here.
We hope, together,  to be able to sensitise you to the high incidence of renal disease.
See you on March 10 at Clinic Saint-Jean