New A&E department opening on March 10 !

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On March 10th, our new accident and emergency department will be officially opened!

Boasting more modern facilities, it a surface area that has trebled in size, a reception area doubled in capacity and new, modern equipment. There has been a total revamp of the patient’s care path to give him a better reception, greater comfort and optimal quality of care. Everything in the new A&E premises at Clinic Saint-Jean is new and everything has been revamped for greater comfort, enhanced efficiency and added modernisation, with the following noteworthy features:

  • The department is fully designed to ensure what is referred to as ‘dynamic’ management of the patient: the patient follows a diagnostic path on arrival, at which point he is received in one of the three orientation rooms (similar to a medical consultation room). The main function of this first stage is to prioritise the management of each patient.  Based on the patient’s pathology and the seriousness of his case, the nurse will make an initial diagnosis and assign him to a specific space where he will be attended to.
  • An increased number of rooms that are more spacious and illuminated by daylight will also be available.
  • In addition, a new paediatric space has been created. More than one out of every ten patients admitted to A&E is a child. That is why this space has been set up, with toys and special decors, and the means for isolating children so that they are not exposed to diseases from adults.
  • The new A&E is at present situated in the same location as the intensive care department and the operating theatre zone, which is a huge advantage; it will no longer be necessary to switch to a different storey to transfer a patient that is unstable or in a life-threatening emergency situation.
  • From the point of view of equipment, Clinic Saint-Jean has also replaced all of the existing equipment with new, modern devices: new beds, trolleys, medical apparatuses, screens, etc. For example, the service now has “computers on wheels” and this enables the staff to show the test results directly to the patient.

Useful information:

  • The A&E can be accessed only via rue du Marais, 114.
  • The access ramp is intended for use by ambulances and pedestrians only .
  • Our A&E telephone number remains the same: 02 221 91 00