Clinic Saint-Jean is still at your service

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As of Saturday 14 march, all hospitals in Belgium are putting on hold their non urgent medical consultations, examinations and interventions until further notice. 

This measure is meant to relieve the pressure on hospitals. By doing is, we make sure, at any given time, we have the capacity to give the best care possible to all Covid-19 patients even though we should face a significant increase of the number of infected cases. Today, Clinic Saint-Jean and our care givers are still fully able to face the Covid-19 epidemy. This is a precautionary measure: we anticipate a possible increase in the number of patients infected by Covid-19 and it will not be problematic. The situation is monitored continuously.

The following measures apply to our 3 sites (Botanique, Méridien, Léopold I):

What you need to know about your medical consultation:
  • You have an appointment planned ? We will contact you latest 24h in advance to discuss whether it should take place or not.
  • Urgent medical consultations, treatments and interventions and necessary will of course happen (chemotherapy, dialysis,…)
  • No companion is allowed, except :
    • 1 adult per patient if he/she have mobility issues
    • 1 parent for underage children

Paediatric medical consultations without appointments are maintained (but only if they are urgent and after you received a confirmation over the phone (02/221.91.73)).


Patients suffering from breathing difficulties who wish to go to the emergency room can still do so by going directly to ‘Rue des Cendres’ number 7.

All other emergencies will be taken care of in our emergency room at ‘Rue du Marais’.


No other visit is allowed.


  • 1 parent per patient per day in paediatric and neonatology units, and maternity
  • Relatives of patients in critical condition or end-of-life

Clinique Saint-Jean is at your service for all your health issues and is fully committed to reschedule as quickly as possible your medical consultation or intervention that was cancelled.