Aspirex® : New technique to treat venous thrombosis

aspirex thrombose veineuse
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aspirex thromboses veineusesThe Clinique Saint-Jean is the first clinic in Brussels to use a new technique to treat venous thrombosis.
Aspirex® perfectly removes clots in the deep veins of the pelvis and lower limbs.

The vascular surgery service  of the Clinique Saint-Jean, which has a long tradition of pioneering and quality in the management of venous pathology, uses a new method to treat patients suffering from thrombosis of the large venous trunks in the abdomen and lower limbs. This is the Aspirex®: this technique allows clots to be aspirated with unprecedented cleanliness and efficiency. This applies to venous thrombosis of the large venous axes such as the iliac veins and the femoral veins. 

At Clinique Saint-Jean, a patient suffering from such a deep vein thrombosis (in the context of a May Turner syndrome) was recently treated with Aspirex®: a first in Brussels. The clot was aspirated and a stent was placed at the site that caused the thrombosis. 

This technique avoids the long-term complications of chronic thrombosis, which were seen when patients were simply treated with anticoagulants. In the past, thrombolysis could be used to remove these clots, but it required several days of intensive care monitoring and presented a potential risk of bleeding in the limb or elsewhere in the body.

For more information or an appointment, our surgeons, Dr. Lisanne Geens, Dr. Amna Abdelgabar and Dr. Philippe Brion of the vascular surgery service, are at your disposal at 02/221.99.20.