Equipe nephro

Accessible to all, and according due respect to cultural, philosophical and religious diversity, Clinic Saint Jean offers a range of skills and tools used to monitor and very often anticipate the evolution of healthcare and medical practices.

Built on the humanistic method of operation that has been a pervasive and characteristic feature of our institution since its inception, this approach ensures that each patient benefits from :

  • Attentiveness to his wishes and needs as well as consideration of the expectations and concerns of his close ones,
  • Information that is as comprehensive as possible with regard to the care process and his personal involvement in this process,
  • Diligent care taken to maintain or restore his autonomy.

The essential features of this approach are covered in the nursing staff care charter. This charter is based on the ethical and institutional values we espouse such as respect, confidentiality and safety.

We are committed to :

  • Receiving you in a welcoming and personalised manner.
  • Taking the time to listen to you.
  • Respecting you as a person and respecting your convictions.
  • Keeping you informed of the care being dispensed to you.
  • Keeping the information relating to your stay confidential.
  • Supporting your participation in the care process.
  • Promoting maintenance and recovery of your autonomy.
  • Ensuring that your care is continuous and well coordinated.
  • Preparing with you for your discharge.
  • Being attentive to your comments and suggestions.

Since as early as 1211, the statutes of the Hôpital Saint-Jean has been placing emphasis on the quality of patient reception. This tradition remains a priority for us, but going forward it includes as well the smooth operation of all services :

  • Care is regularly adapted to the evolving healthcare needs of the population,
  • Cutting-edge medical practices are adopted as soon as they are proven reliable,
  • Technical support centres are reconfigured in keeping with innovations,
  • The development of funding methods and health policy repercussions are taken into account.

Patients benefit on a regular basis from initiatives and innovations generated by the dynamism and professionalism of the members of our institution :

  • Creation of the first palliative care unit in Belgium
  • First private clinic to own a scanner
  • Pioneers in haemodialysis, coronary angioplasty, endoscopic surgery and “minimal access surgery”
  • Leaders, in Brussels, in day hospitalisation, for both medical and surgical procedures