Clinic Saint-Jean and Cliniques de l’Europe join forces

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On June 1st, Cliniques de l’Europe and Clinic Saint-Jean became key partners. The aim of the agreement is firstly to improve hospital care through increased medical collaboration. At the same time, it is intended to foster mutual strengthening of the various support services.

This partnership agreement is an arrangement between both hospitals, with mutual priority being given with regard to the development of new medical, administrative and support projects. This collaboration is economically practical and conforms to the health policy changes adopted by various governments, which are motivating hospitals towards more networking rather than deciding to specialise. Within recent years, several shared projects coming out of unofficial partnerships have materialised. Now this agreement has become official.

“Previous successes have encouraged us to make this partnership official through a written agreement” affirm the administrative representatives for the two hospital groups*. “This is a logical partnership. We basically offer the same services and specialisations for patients with similar profiles, and we do so within the same region. This new stage called for a bold step, but such a collaboration was obviously meant to be. The decision was therefore taken to pursue the partnership process before any specific restrictive legislation is put in place.”

The partnership agreement involves to a total of six Brussels locations making up the two hospital groups. As a result of this agreement, the two partners are currently developing their shared vision of a future in which they continue to offer comprehensive, high-quality care in a modern, efficient setting.

* Dr. Kalenga Ilunga and Mr. Jef Peeters for Cliniques de l’Europe, and Dr. Benoît Hermans for Clinic Saint-Jean.

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About Clinic Saint-Jean and Cliniques de l’Europe:

Clinic Saint-Jean is a general hospital of 558 beds, distributed over three locations: Botanique, Méridien and Léopold I. The Clinic offers all of the medical services, including cardiac surgery, radiotherapy and neurosurgery. The Clinic’s maternity department manages over 2200 deliveries a year. Clinique Saint-Jean aims to position itself as a well-know and recognised professional organisation and as a leading hospital for compassionate high-quality care in the Brussels region and surrounding areas.

Cliniques de l’Europe boast a total of 709 beds distributed over two locations: Ste-Elisabeth in Uccle and St-Michel in the European Quarter, at Etterbeek, as well as Bella Vita Medical Centre in Waterloo. The clinics offer all of the general medical care services: cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, robot-assisted surgery, radiotherapy and a large medical imaging department. The maternity department manages over 2500 deliveries a year. Cliniques de l’Europe are aiming to be the benchmark for Brussels in terms of leading-edge medicine, personalised care and multilingual management.

Contact persons:

For Cliniques de l’Europe :
Jennyfer Doria Tilleux
Tel: 02/614.26.93

For Clinic Saint-Jean :
Florence Feys (Head of communications)
Tel: 02/891.08.45