Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Clinic Saint-Jean is made up of the following administrators:

  • Dr Patrick Gérard (Chairman)
  • Jean-Marie Bertrand
  • Peter Degadt
  • Patrick du Bois
  • Dr Patrick Gérard
  • Dr Karim Odr
  • Philippe Leman
  • Mia Sas
  • Thierry Smets
  • Geneviève Tassin
  • R.P. Walter Van Goubergen
  • Me Edwin Van Laethem
  • Dr Etienne van Vyve

The following members have been invited to sit on the Medical Board and the Board of Management:

  • Dr Jean-Paul Van Gossum, President of the Medical Board
  • Dr Sophie Cvilic, Vice president of the Medical Board
  • Vic De Corte, General Manager
  • Dr Kenneth Coenye, Medical Manager
  • Guillebert de Fauconval, Financial and administrative director
  • Alexandre Deschuymere, Care director

Secretary: Isabelle Erauw